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One Day in Milan

I think that Milan is that kind of place you can visit in one day. So that is how long we stayed and I was very pleased with the result.

We arrived at the airport Orio Al Serio early in the morning. We left our luggage at a luggage storage near the Airport (because we were coming from Napoli, I will discuss this in a different post) and then took a bus that left us in the city center. It cost us 10 euros per luggage and 12 euros per person to get to the city center. The trip by bus took 45 minutes.

After getting off the bus, we walked for 10 minutes and reached the metro station called “Porta Romana”. The station we wanted to get to was called, as you can imagine, “Duomo”. 10 minutes later we found ourselves in from of the Milan Cathedral. One way ticket costs 2 euro.

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Of course, the first thing we did was to take pictures 🙂 Then we paid the admission fee to enter the tourist attractions. I advise you to purchase the 16 euro ticket. It includes everything you need to visit in the area. It is best to get to the top of the Cathedral by elevator, as by foot can be tiresome, so this kind of ticket is perfect. Here you can find all the information you need about tickets and prices.

1. The Cathedral
You must take a 360 degrees walk around the Cathedral to admire the incredible architecture. The second step is to enter it and also get down to the crypt of Charles. The third step is to get to the terraces. The view is breathless.

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Untitled design (2)

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2. Duomo Museum
It is true that nothing compares to the architectural beauty of the Cathedral but the museum is something worth visiting too. You have to convince of this by yourself. The museum is situated near the Cathedral.

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3. The archeological area
As I am the kind of person who loves archeology, I enjoyed the visit to this particular area. Some people might say “it is a collection of stones” or even “a bunch of rocks gathered in one place” but that is definitely not true. You can’t compare people’s tastes, though. Imagine seeing a city of rocks! That is even more impressive.  So my advice would be to go for it, since you are already in the area, even if you are not particularly interested in the topic.

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4. San Gottardo Church
Also situated near the Cathedral, San Gottardo Church was recently opened to the public (2015) after a restoration that took around 9 months. As you can imagine, the church looks really well both on the inside and the outside. A place for meditation.

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5. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
I had seen so many amazing pictures of the place that I couldn’t wait to get there. And the result was – as I expected – that I wouldn’t want to leave it. Luxury, class, and style – all gathered in one place. I did not afford to buy something from the stores yet but maybe one day I will come back strictly for shopping.

Untitled design (9)

6. Church of San Fedele
Although it’s not a famous church, being is situated near the Cathedral, we walked past it and we immediately fell in love. A small perfect place of tranquility. Church of San Fedele is a Catholic church which is entitled to St. Fidelis of Como, patron of the Catholic diocese of Como.

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After visiting all these beautiful monuments we got a little hungry so we searched for a place to eat. We saw a lot of people standing in line at a donut shop so we said that we might as well try them. Delicious is too little to say! All those people were not staying in line for nothing. One donut costs around 3 euros and it has different fillings – cheese, chocolate, meat and so on. Oh, I did not mention the name of the place – it’s Luini.

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What other places in Milan have you managed to visit in one day?

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