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4 Days Guide for Amsterdam

Let’s start with the beginning … My journey to Amsterdam was the first of this kind – outside the country. I don’t have many pictures from that journey because I didn’t own a smartphone and my camera had limited storage space so I will use  – an online platform where users can download free pictures. I highly recommend it.

I think 3 or 4 nights are enough for a city break in Amsterdam. We stayed 3 nights and I think we reached the most important places.

We were accommodated at Novotel hotel. The prices are a little high but the location, the services, and the facilities make it worth the money. I might not have afforded to stay there at that age but fortunately for me, the whole journey was paid by a competition’s sponsor.

Top 10 places you should visit in Amsterdam:

1. Van Gogh Museum
This place is perfect for art passionates. I am not a big fan of paintings but I will always gladly take any visit to this kind of museum. I like to enrich my culture. I don’t recall the price of an admission ticket, but the situation is probably different now anyway. According to online sources, one ticket costs 15 euros.

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2. Vondelpark
The largest park in Amsterdam and the most famous park in Holland, Vondelpark is daily open for locals and tourists. I advise that you cross it by bicycle. We saw only a part of it, being situated between Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum, but it’s that kind of place you have to get lost in for one or two hours.

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3. Rijksmuseum
This is the kind of museum where I could have stayed all day. It was something about that place that caught my eye, even though history was never my favorite subject. I think I enjoyed most how the colors and objects blended. Classy yet richly decorated. I was also impressed by Rembrandt’s masterpieces. The admission fee is 17 euros.

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4. Madame Tussauds Museum
Genius! This was my reaction to Madame Tussauds. I would visit this kind of museum anytime, no matter the country. To build ageless celebrities from wax, to dress them accordingly, to make them fit within an appropriate decor – special, indeed! One ticket is 22 euros, 16 euros after 15 p.m.

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5. Red Light District
It’s not exactly the place for minors, but it is definitely something you will never see again. I think this neighborhood is more interesting to see after the sun goes down. At least that is how we did. Take care – photo shooting is strictly prohibited!

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6. Rembrandt House
Since I have already mentioned Mr. Rembrandt, I have to tell you that one hour from our journey was dedicated to visiting his house. I find it fascinating to learn about the life of big art names from different eras. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (XVII century) was one of the most important and most appreciated visual artists of all time.

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7. Royal Palace
One of the most famous historical buildings in Amsterdam, Royal Palace is the only palace in Holland which is both actively used and opened for public. The visit costs 10 euros and includes an audio guide.

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8. Old Church
As we were just passing by, I didn’t have the chance to admire the Old Church properly but, looking back at the photos, I realize it will be the first place to go when I will visit Amsterdam again.

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9. Madurodam
If for some reason you don’t get the time to visit everything you planned for in Amsterdam, I highly recommend Madurodam from Haga where you can find all the buildings in Holland at a scale from 1 to 25. The feeling you get as you walk through different types of buildings can’t be compared to anything.

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10. Ajax Museum
I am not the kind of person who loves football but I was pleasantly impressed by this stadium. The tour costs 15 euros and takes around 30 minutes.
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Top 10 activities you should do in Amsterdam:

1. Boat tour across Amsterdam canals
Once in Amsterdam, you must take one boat tour which will allow you to look closer at the sides of the city that are not reachable within foot distance.

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2. Guided tour ride
Not only once did I realize that a guide makes the difference in a foreign country. No matter if you have an audio guide with you or you have already read many things about the next place you are going to visit, the stories will never sound the same.

3. Visit the Flower Market
This is the only floating market in the world and one of the most interesting places in Amsterdam. Of course, you will find more tulips there than any other kind of flowers.

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4. Bicycle ride
I didn’t get the chance to walk across Amsterdam by bicycle, although I have seen so many of them and it would have probably been easy to rent one for a couple of hours. To do for next time, definitely! Plus it is one of the fastest ways to get to any point of the city.

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5. Walk across Jordaan District
Jordaan District represents that part of Amsterdam where you can find many houses placed one side and the other of the canals. As many of the museums are nearby, you will inevitably walk across this side of the city. My advice: wait for the sun to go down to admire it there.

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6. Visit the smallest house in Amsterdam
House number 166 on Signel street is the smallest house in Amsterdam. It is painted in white and its windows are pointed to the canals. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

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7. Get to the Westertoren tower
One of the many things you can do In Amsterdam is to get to the top of Westertoren church. The view of Holland is amazing!

Untitled design (10)

8. Play gigantic chess
In front of the Chess Museum in Amsterdam is a huge chess board that you can use for fun for a certain period of time. This applied when I visited the city, I hope the situation hasn’t changed since then.

Untitled design (11)

9. Have dinner in Leidseplein
Or breakfast or lunch. You choose. We chose dinner, although I bet the food tastes amazing every hour of the day.

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10. Walk through De Pijp Market
This is one of the most crowded parts of Amsterdam. It is being said that only educated and single people walk across this market. This relies on the fact that famous yet single people lived here: Piet Mondriaan, André Hazes, and Carice van Houten.

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Do you have any other suggestions?


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